Let me provide a little background for you. I joined the USMC in 2004 and did four years of active duty. I was awarded an honorable discharge in 2008. When I came home I was motivated by my sister-in-law to check out Empire College in Santa Rosa, CA. I was enrolled that next month. I found that the class size and education style worked perfectly for me; motivating me to complete most all of the computer specializations that they offer at Empire. I have certification in Computer Security, Linux, and Windows Server 2008 R2. It soon became apparent to me that there were many computer users that could use someone with my background to assist them with their computer needs. My education provided me with just the tools I needed to do that and I realized the next logical step in my career development would be to start a consulting business of my own.

I am now working at pursuing my dream of being a computer technician. I have the space, the tools, the time and the background needed to fulfill that dream. Won't you support my dream by becoming one of my clients?